06 Sep 2018 - Official Docker Image

I am happy announce a little update (but important from my point of view) - Official Self-Contained Docker Image for Traccar Web UI Mod installed over Traccar 3.9.

17 Dec 2016 - Bugfix Release

Hello everybody.

11 Jul 2016 - Testing Traccar Server V3.6

Traccar Server v3.6 support is in beta.

04 Jun 2016 - Sensor Text Color And Icon, Bug Fixes

This small minor release contains following features:

21 May 2016 - Quick Reports, Device Context Menu

I am happy to announce new minor release. It contains following new features:

07 May 2016 - Device Direction, Idle Status On Map

I am happy to announce next major release.

25 Apr 2016 - Groups Tree Structure, Automatic Zoom, Direction Arrows In Popup, 3.4 3.5 Support

I am pleased to announce a major release. It contains several new functions:

09 Feb 2016 - Minor Bugfix Release And Support Of Traccar V3.3

Today I am pleased to announce support for the version 3.3 of traccar. There is a slight change in the documentation as well.

23 Dec 2015 - Bugfix Release

Today’s release does not contain any new function except updates to the several translations.

10 Dec 2015 - Commands Bug Fix, Search Of Device, Visibility Control For Devices

Today’s release contains fixes for the following issues:

02 Dec 2015 - Commands, Devices Groups, Couple Of Bugs Fixed

Today’s major release includes two new big features:

24 Nov 2015 - Reports–preview, Stop And Moving Events, Several Bugs Fixed

Today’s release contains several new features:

19 Nov 2015 - Bugfix, And Mobile Geolocation

Today’s release fixed several issues quickly discovered by the users in yesterday’s major release:

17 Nov 2015 - Reports, Neptune Theme, Notifications On Overspeed

I am pleased to announce a new major release. The main big features here:

15 Oct 2015 - Fix Major Bug With Maps View

This release contains fix for a major bug #284, which was originally posted here. The reason is that the hard coded key for the Bing Maps was expired, which break the whole OpenLayers library, which is used for mapping in Traccar Web UI. To overcome this issue:

30 Sep 2015 - Big Bugfix Release

After a long timeout I am announcing new release v0.8.1. Mostly it contains numerous bug fixes as well as couple of medium features:

14 Jul 2015 - Snap To Roads, New Map Providers And Translations

I am pleased to announce new release, which contains multiple new features:

24 Jun 2015 - Czech Translation And Couple Of Updates On User Accounts

Today’s release contains new translation to Czech language (thanks to RobertBenedikt github user). Following new functions were added as well:

14 Jun 2015 - Updated Danish Translation

Jens-Jørgen Rask kindly updated danish translation and also translated the mobile UI.

13 Jun 2015 - Updated French Translation

Github user flyjodel kindly updated french translation.

12 Jun 2015 - Updated Icon Size Limits And Translations

Updated limits on device icon size from 70x40 and 20KB to 256x256 and 40KB (see #180). From my point of view this should fit common needs of all users.

09 Jun 2015 - Major Changes To Devices

Devices module received new functions:

15 May 2015 - Mobile Ui Improvements And Update Of Bulgarian Translation

Added two features to the mobile UI:

12 May 2015 - Bugfix Release

Fixed two issues: sorting (#166) and selection in archive table weren’t working.

11 May 2015 - Major Changes To Archive

Archive UI and logic was slightly rewritten:

  • to improve scalability now there is a new marker type option - ‘No markers’, which becomes the default one. In such case only track line with time-stamps is shown on map and when mouse comes close enough to the track it will show closest position along with details in popup.

  • added possibility to draw multiple device tracks at the same time (feature request #47). Table for each device resides in it’s own tab. When tab is closed track disappears from map as well. ‘Clear’ button on archive toolbar closes all loaded tracks.

28 Apr 2015 - Bugfix Release

Several found bugs were fixed:

26 Apr 2015 - Notification Templates And Archive Loading Speedup

Today’s major update contains following:

20 Apr 2015 - Bugfix, Translation Updates And Default Language Selection

Fixed issue #149 database migration was failing from old versions. Also:

14 Apr 2015 - Bugfix And Translation Updates

Fixed issue #144 in mobile UI - latest positions of devices were loaded inconsistently (device marker disappeared from time to time). Also fixed couple of minor issues:

07 Apr 2015 - Notification Event Type Selection And Pushbullet Sender

Two requested features for notifications were completed - notification event types selection and possibility to send Pushbullet notifications (#132).

03 Apr 2015 - Finished Geofences

I am pleased to announce that today geo-fence function is finished. Since previous release:

02 Apr 2015 - Swedish Translation And Minor Ui Bugfix

Github user VentureSWE kindly translated UI to swedish language. Also today’s release contains fixes to UI glitches in toolbar when switching between Devices/GeoFences tabs.

30 Mar 2015 - Geofences Bugfix

New version with bug-fixes related to new geo-fences functionality was released. Following issues/improvements were done:

29 Mar 2015 - Geofences Beta

Today I am pleased to announce that after about a month of work there is a first usable version of geo-fences function. Please note that for now notifications are not implemented. It is available for testing and any feedback is welcome in issue tracker. What is working now:

17 Mar 2015 - Ssl In Demo Version

Now demo version is served with SSL and automatically redirects from old HTTP to the new HTTPS version. Updated docs on RESTful API.

16 Mar 2015 - Fixed Remote Procedure Call Error In Notification Settings Screen

In yesterday’s release it is impossible to open notification settings dialog when user already had them stored in the database. Today’s release fixes this issue.

15 Mar 2015 - Security Fix, Mobile Ui Script Links Fix And Updated Spanish Translation

In recently released ‘read-only’ users feature were a major security bug - check was not performed on server side (aspect code wasn’t properly invoked). Now it’s fixed and covered by unit tests. Upgrade is highly recommended for all users of that function.

12 Mar 2015 - Updated Portuguese Translation

Github user Antonio Fernandes kindly updated portuguese translation to contain strings for latest added features.

10 Mar 2015 - Improved Localization And Read Only Users

Mobile version now supports localization (with same URL parameter ?locale=XX) with language selection.

25 Feb 2015 - Extended Info In Mobile Ui And Gpx Export Bugfix

Now mobile version prints extended information for latest device position in the sidebar. Also fixed issue in GPX export caused by non-UTF-8 operating system encoding.

18 Feb 2015 - Gpx Improvements And Archive Filtering Bug Fix

Now export to GPX contains address, speed, course and power data under extensions node in traccar namespace. Import is aware of them, so now GPX can be used as interchange format between several traccar servers.

13 Feb 2015 - Friday 13th Bugfix Release

Today’s Friday 13th release does not include any major features. It’s mostly a bugfix release including the following:

05 Feb 2015 - Updated Italian Translation

Github user maxlife70 kindly updated italian translation to contain strings for latest added features (filtering, styles, etc.).

03 Feb 2015 - Updated German Translation

Github user connectnet kindly updated german translation to contain strings for latest added features (filtering, styles, etc.).

02 Feb 2015 - Updated Spanish Translation

Github user j5boot kindly updated spanish translation to contain strings for latest added features (filtering, styles, etc.).

31 Jan 2015 - Zoom To Track Feature And Devices Removal Bugfix

New feature adds possibility to fit current loaded archived track to the map view. Also fixed issue appeared when removing device that has ‘offline’ events.

29 Jan 2015 - Ability To Disable Event Recording

Some people don’t use ‘offline’ notifications (the only notifications available for now) and their vehicles/devices often go offline, which floods the events table with unnecessary data. Now there is an option to disable events recording.

23 Jan 2015 - Dutch Translation

Added translation to dutch language. It’s available via ?locale=nl URL parameter. Thanks to Etiënne Harberts.

22 Jan 2015 - Lithuanian Translation

Added translation to lithuanian language. It’s available via ?locale=lt URL parameter. Thanks to Algirdas Mankus.

13 Jan 2015 - Notifications, Archive Styling And Couple Minor Improvements

Two major features are included in today’s release: ‘offline’ devices email notifications and archive styling.

02 Jan 2015 - Save Column Settings In Database

Happy new year! To warm up from holiday drink time I have implemented saving of grid column settings in database. Then implemented automatic redirect to mobile web site.Wish you all good!

30 Dec 2014 - Archive Filtering Options

Moved archive filter setup to a separate dialog. Four new options were added:

28 Dec 2014 - Ability To Change Device Icon And Couple Of Minor Improvements

Finally feature #41 - possibility to change device icon finished. For now, device icons are hard coded and work both for desktop and mobile versions.

26 Dec 2014 - Demo And Minor Bugfix

Introducing public available demo site at http://d.traccar.litvak.su.

24 Dec 2014 - Password Hashing And Portuguese Translation

Introducing possibility to save passwords as hashsums (sha512, md5) instead of plain text in database.

21 Dec 2014 - Selected Device Centering

Before when one selected device in devices table at the left hand side it was centered, but just for the first time. If map or device/vehicle was moved to find it’s current location it required to deselect and then select it again. Now every click on device row will put it on the center of map.

20 Dec 2014 - New Web Site And Big Plans

Moved from github’s README to a separate web site. It helps to organize existing and upcoming information better.