I am happy to announce new minor release. It contains following new features:

  • context menu in devices list. It is possible to click right mouse button over some device and edit/delete/share/generate report (#402, #665)
  • quick report menu in archive. Open report with selected device and period from the archive toolbar (#402)
  • changed “Reports” menu to be a drop-down, which quickly opens new/existing reports.
  • scroll to selected device in the main devices list (i.e. after selection on map)
  • possibility to define size of the arrow used to display device on the map.
  • added possibility to define URL for the OSRM service, used to query for the points from archive with the “snap to roads” function enabled. Default server has a restriction for 100 points per track in query. The URL can be changed in Settings » Global menu. Also when there is some issue with OSRM server then an error will be displayed (previously it was just not showing anything on the map)
  • hide “Register” button from the login screen instead of greying it out (#649)
  • possibility to restrict sending of commands to administrator users only. There is a setting in Settings » Global

Bug fixes:

  • in some cases with large number of devices the visibility setting may not fit into default width of column in database. It was increased four times.
  • if device has a group that is not available for current user, then there was a display issue of devices list - this was fixed
  • fixed inability to save changes in the “notification expiry period” setting in Settings » Global
  • fixed working of OpenStreetMap over HTTPS. Now there should be no errors about “mixed content” in the web browser (#672)
  • fixed “manager” user removal when he has added some underlying users. Now these users will be mapped to the manager’s manager user if any
  • fixed missing icons in mobile version for sending current position over email/sms (#680)
  • when searching for device in devices list groups which don’t have any matched device will be hidden

Updated following translations from transifex:

  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Added new translation: Kazakh