This small minor release contains following features:

  • possibility to set up color for a text of sensor interval. This way it can be highlighted.
  • possibility to set up icon for a sensor interval. May be useful to display battery value.
  • read-only user can now update his preferences (speed units, default map position, etc., see #693)
  • possibility to define default preferences (in Settings » Default Preferences menu, see #693)
  • performance improvement for the latest positions loading. Now it is made more lightweight - the icons won’t be re-created on the map, instead of this their position and style is updated. Previously they were always first removed and then drawn again.

Bugs fixed:

  • sometimes devices may be duplicated in a list (#696)
  • devices may be duplicated on map (#696). I couldn’t find the real reason, but improvements in “live” data rendering might fix the issue
  • when report is opened from archive toolbar and “CUSTOM” period is selected it wasn’t preset in the opened report (feedback on #402)
  • idle/movement detector background task was working with database incorrectly, which could lead to incorrect results in “Idle” status calculation (#708)

Updated Spanish translation from transifex web site.