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Each device profile has a selection of device marker icon, which will represent it on map and device popup.

There are several built-in icons and also there is a possibility to upload custom images.

To change icon use ‘Select…’ button in device profile:

Device icon selection

Then new screen will show all currently available icons with previews at the right hand side. Both custom and built-in icons are shown here. Select desired icon and click ‘OK’ to change device marker.

Device icon dialog

For current running browser it will be applied right after changing setting. For mobile version and other browsers (in another tab, another browser, or another desktop) it will be applied next time latest positions are loaded (by default 15 seconds, can be changed in Settings » Global (‘Update interval’)).

To upload custom icons use ‘Add’ button on toolbar of screen with a list of all available icons. To edit uploaded custom icon use ‘Edit’ button, it is possible to update just one icon type (i.e. just ‘selected’ or just ‘offline’). To remove custom icon use ‘Remove’ button.

Uploading custom icons