Hello everybody.

I was very busy with other tasks so the updates stopped comment as frequent as they were. You can find some info about it here. Anyway, the main thing is that the project is not dead, though it will be moving slowly.

Today I am releasing a BugFix release with fixes found for the past half of year:

  • updating of devices through REST API was working incorrectly (#753)
  • “double-login” issue when Google Maps are used (#822)
  • dropped support for MapQuest mapping layer because they don’t provide public tiles anymore (#832 #817)
  • mobile version wasn’t using non-OSM map (#873)
  • map controls were missing in reports (#929)
  • custom commands sending wasn’t working (#879)

There are several of new useful functions added:

  • support for the new version of the OSRM API (v5) used for the “Snap-to-roads” functionality. Demo server has already switched to the new version so it wasn’t working with previous release of Traccar Web UI Mod. (#830)
  • added ‘Search’ field to ‘Share’ dialog
  • added OrdnanceSurvey Bing Layer for UK users (#891)
  • added “experimental” basic support for the Traccar Manager application developed for the original version of Traccar (#759). See this article for additional information.

As usual updated translations:

  • bulgarian
  • german
  • greek
  • croatian
  • polish
  • serbian
  • seriban (latin)
  • danish
  • spanish
  • persian
  • portuguese (brazil)
  • vietnamese
  • finnish

Added new translations:

  • Hindi (India)

Wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New year and great holidays!