Project can be set up in Eclipse.


Eclipse 4.4.2 (Luna) with plugins:

  • m2e (a.k.a. Maven Integration for Eclipse (Juno and newer)) - comes bundled with Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  • m2e-wtp (a.k.a. Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (Juno))
  • google plugin for eclipse
  • git - comes bundled with Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Plugin installation

1) Open ‘Help » Eclipse Marketplace…’

Eclipse marketplace menu

2) Since m2e is already bundled we start from installing m2e-wtp. Type ‘m2e-wtp’ in ‘Find’ field and click ‘Go’ button to search for a plugin. Once it’s found click on ‘Install’ to bring it to your eclipse.

Search for m2e-wtp

Wait until it checks dependencies and once it finishes click ‘Confirm’ to confirm installation.

Confirm m2e-wtp installation

Then some time is needed to initialize installation. After that accept licenses and click ‘Finish’.

Accept licenses for m2e-wtp

Wait until eclipse downloads and installs necessary packages and confirm restarting.

Confirm eclipse restart

3) Install ‘Google plugin for eclipse’. Follow official instructions for eclipse luna. Check ‘Google plugin for eclipse’ and ‘GWT Designer for GPE’.

Google plugin for eclipse selection


0) Go to File » Import project… Select ‘Git » Projects from git’ and click ‘Next’.

Import projects from git

Select ‘Clone URI’ and click ‘Next’.

Git clone type selection

Type ‘’ into ‘URI’ and click ‘Next’.

Enter project's clone URL

Main branch is ‘dev’, so select it at least and click ‘Next’.

Branch selection

Confirm git repository location and click ‘Next’

Confirm repository location on disk

Wait until cloning completes. Then select ‘Use the new project wizard’ and click ‘Finish’

Finish git repository import

Just close this wizard.

1) Go to File » Import project… Select Maven » Existing Maven Projects and click ‘Next’.

Import maven project

Then browse for a folder containing maven project. It should automatically find pom.xml file. Then click ‘Finish’.

Finish importing of maven project

2) Set up GWT for project. In project’s context menu select ‘Properties’. Select ‘Google » Web Toolkit’. Then check ‘Use Google Web Toolkit’ and click ‘OK’ to save changes.

Set up GWT

Wait until GWT project initialization completes.

3) Run/Debug project. In project’s context menu select Run as » Web application (GWT Super Dev Mode).

Run as webapp

Select src/main/webapp folder when prompted for WAR file.


  • During ‘Google plugin for eclipse’ installation getting error about ‘Egit’ dependency - try to add ‘Egit’ repository as said here.

  • If you are getting “Main type not specified” then go to Run/Debug configuration settings (for example via Run » Run Configurations… menu), select Web Application » traccar.html and put to the Main class field.

  • If it complains about missing src/test/java folder then go to Project prefrences » Java Build Path » Source(tab) and remove src/test/java entry from source entries.