0) Install GWT plugin for NetBeans

Open Tools » Plugins menu.

NB - Tools - Plugins

If you are using NetBeans 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0 plugin can be installed on the ‘Available plugins’ tab. For the latest NetBeans 8.1 you will need to manually download the plugin for 8.0 from the plugin page and then install it from the ‘Downloaded’ tab. Click ‘Add Plugins…’ button.

NB - Downloaded plugins tab

Then navigate to the folder, which contains downloaded plugin file and click ‘Open’.

NB - Plugin file location

Click on ‘Install’ button and follow installation instructions to install the plugin.

NB - Downloaded plugin installation

Ignore the ‘self-signed’ warning by clicking on ‘Continue’ button.

NB - Plugin installation self-signed warning

Restart the NetBeans IDE as suggested by the installer.

NB - IDE restart after plugin installation completed

1) Clone repository.

Open Team » Git » Clone… menu.

NB - Team - Git - Clone

Fill ‘Repository URL’ with https://github.com/vitalidze/traccar-web.git and leave username/password fields empty

NB - Git repository URL

Select remote branches. At least master, but I recommend to select dev too.

NB - Git branch selection

Leave all values untouched on last page

NB - Git clone last page

Wait until cloning completes. This usually takes 3-5 minutes and depends on internet connection speed.

NB - Git wait until clone completes

2) Open cloned project

Open File » Open Project…

NB - Open project

Select cloned project

NB - Open project window

3) Debug application

Open Debug » GWT Dev Mode w/o a JEE server

NB - GWT Dev Mode w/o a JEE server

Wait until project is compiled and debug session is started. When it’s done there should be a message:

Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8000

NB - GWT debug session startup

Open Debug » Attach Debugger…

NB - Attach debugger

Just fill port number (8000) and leave all other values with defaults.

NB - Set up debugger attach

A new window named ‘GWT Development Mode’ should pop up. Hit ‘Launch default browser’ button and to open traccar web UI.

NB - GWT Development Mode