Below is the list of the planned tasks. You can vote for the tasks using facebook.

Description Ticket(s) Vote
Add new event types: 'overspeed', 'idle' and 'movement'. Activity of device can be detected based on many factors, such as sensors, coordinates change and speed. 25 95 270
Add check box 'Remember me', which will allow to save session for mobile devices and survive application server restarts 174
Add a way to measure distance with tools on map. 151
Choose color for tracks in archive automatically. This should ne optional and must choose unique color that is not yet used for already drawn tracks. 179
Add an option for the sensors custom intervals to define icon and/or text color. 207 291
Display direction of device on map. This should work both in archive and in live data. 159
Add a new setting to the device (or all devices) - 'hide label from marker on map'. 209
Create an option to hide inactive and/or offline devices from map. 118 205 382
Version 3.1 of traccar support sending of commands. But it is not working from this mod. The support will be added after v3.2 of traccar is released.
Possibility to generate reports. 146 158 210 276
Switch interface to neptune theme so it will look very close to the original traccar v3.0