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On the ‘Sensors’ tab of device profile there is a possibility to define names, descriptions and visibility of sensors connected to the device.

Sensors tab

Each sensor can have it’s own set of custom intervals with descriptions. This is helpful to provide a text instead of numeric values. For example for battery level from 0 to 100 following intervals can be defined:

  • from -infinity to 19.(9) - Critical
  • from 20 to 34.(9) - Low
  • from 35 to 69.(9) - Medium
  • from 70 to 89.(9) - Good
  • from 90 to +infinity - Full

This can be defined with the following intervals (use ‘Add’ button on toolbar to add new one, ‘Remove’ button to remove existing):

Custom intervals

Click ‘Save’ to save the changes or ‘Cancel’ do discard them.

It is also possible to copy all sensors settings from another device. To do that select it in ‘Copy from:’ drop down list and click the ‘Copy from:’ button. This will copy all settings including the ‘Custom intervals’.